The Spellbook ∘ Page 77

eight of pentacles

This is a time of laser focus, where we’re so into a project and almost finished so we need to keep working, paying attention to detail. This is also about creating in your own zone, in your own space for a while. Perfecting your craft. Like a writer that isolates themselves in a cabin in the woods until they finish that last chapter. This is also about finishing, building and not stopping until it’s done. There is joy in any craft you feel like you were meant to do. That wonderful feeling where work isn't really work at all, just pleasure. I love making movies, but right now can’t figure out a way to make money at it so I can’t do it all the time, but imagine if I could. However then it might become a job, a chore. It’s a fine line. 

This video series is my own personal perspective of each card and as a Tarot reader, I see different things in the cards for each client. I'm only speaking for myself and these videos are intended to be positive and show my love of the Tarot (in under a minute). Enjoy!