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ace of cups

The cups are about our emotions from joy and grief, to love and relationships and feeling with our hearts over intellect alone. The Ace of Cups is about renewal and often indicates the beginning of a new relationship (even with your self). It can signal a spiritual awakening - you finally know who you are. You’re invited to tune into your 5 senses. You’re being handed a gift to heal yourself and others. You’re overflowing with emotion and share this feeling with others because you want to share the energy, spread the love. It’s a fertile and creative time for you right now when you get this card. You’ve been handed a gift.

This video series is my own personal perspective of each card and as a Tarot reader, I see different things in the cards for each client. I'm only speaking for myself and these videos are intended to be positive and show my love of the Tarot (in under a minute). Enjoy!

Lindsey Anderson

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