The Spellbook ∘ Page 42

seven of wands

 This card is often about defending where you are (and who you are) at some point of your journey through the Wands. Maybe you’re fighting for your beliefs and setting boundaries, yet you can’t enjoy the view from the top if you stay in this state too long. This card comes right after the celebration of success on your travels and as always in life, we encounter times of adversity as well. There might be an inner struggle going on inside your self. This card is all about holding your ground against others or your self. Fighting that change that needs to come for you to move on. A position of constant defense is draining, but sometimes is needed. You’ll know when it’s the right time to put down your wand and breath and look how far you’ve come despite it’s challenges. Knowing who you are is half the battle. It shouldn’t be a battle, but it often is when we often have to make it clear to others what we stand for (and who we are). Be true to you and enjoy the view. 

This video series is my own personal perspective of each card and as a Tarot reader, I see different things in the cards for each client. I'm only speaking for myself and these videos are intended to be positive and show my love of the Tarot (in under a minute). Enjoy!

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