The Spellbook ∘ Page 25

THE star card

After coming out of the Tower, this is a place of healing. You have a clarity that can only come after hardship, after surviving something that made your question everything. Everything is heightened now, especially your intuition and your 5 senses. You can see, smell, hear, taste, and feel on a much deeper level. From the physical world (land) to your intuition (the water), this card is about a renewal of trust. From trusting yourself again to trusting the Universe. There are other ways you can go after the pain of the Tower: you can be angry, seek revenge, stay in a dark place forever and not love (or trust) anyone or anything again. The Star shows us the beauty in the next step. Taking on life again and growing from the pain (and feeling our way through it too). It’s scary to love something so much again after such a loss, but if you ask for help from the Universe, your spirit animals, your spirit guides and your ancestors, you’ll receive what you need to rebuild from the inside out. (LOVE)

This video series is my own personal perspective of each card and as a Tarot reader, I see different things in the cards for each client. I'm only speaking for myself and these videos are intended to be positive and show my love of the Tarot (in under a minute). Enjoy!

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