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What I read in this card depends on where it appears in a readings so a short explanation is hard to do in under a minute! It’s usually a card of good fortune for many tarot readers (and often is!). To me it’s about the cycle of life, how it goes on with our without us. Life has it’s ups and downs and we can’t control many aspects of life as we know it. However, we do have free will to live our lives the best way for each of us (in the ways we can control). The wings on the angel, the eagle, the lion and the bull represent how we move and change every day (personal growth, transformation, constant education). The 8 spokes in the middle also representing the 4 elements, among other things (alchemical symbols and a whole lot of meaning in the middle). The sphinx at the top with a sword showing how life can cut both ways, tomorrow is another day, there is always an opportunity to ascend, to attempt to live the best life you can (starting over every day). To know what we can control and what we cannot (aging, loss, our environment, what people think of us) but OH…all the things we can control and make better! Including how we react to life as we know it. We’re all connected on the wheel called earth that’s spinning around and around (dark/light/up/down). Stardust!


This video series is my own personal perspective of each card and as a Tarot reader, I see different things in the cards for each client. I'm only speaking for myself and these videos are intended to be positive and show my love of the Tarot (in under a minute). Enjoy!

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