Group Readings

A “group” is 3 or more people who want to share in the experience of a Tarot or Spirit Animal card reading.  A single session is 60 minutes and can accommodate up to four people. Group readings are conducted in a venue established by the group within Missoula city limits. Group readings be just as powerful as one-on-one readings because we concentrate on one particular area of your life where you need clarification.  

  • 1 session (60 minutes: Up to four people)....$150
  • 2 sessions (2 hours: Up to eight people).......$300

To schedule a group reading, please fill out the request form below or email  

Private Events

A private event is a special occasion where I would set up a table and 2 chairs and give short, 15 minute readings to your guests (or customers). Examples are fundraisers, conferences, office parties, baby showers or grand openings. My readings are soulful & positive.

Prices: The same sessions and fees apply as in Group readings.

I can accommodate up to 4 people per 60 minute session to keep the quality of a personalized, intuitive reading. 

Please email for special pricing packages for half day or full day sessions (or fill out the request form below!)



How Group & Special Event Readings Work

★ I’ll provide the card deck of your choice (Tarot or Animal Spirit) or both decks so each person can choose which they prefer for their reading. Note: All readings are soulful & positive.

★ Each person will receive a one-on-one, 5 card reading to look at one area of their life where they need more clarity.

★ I provide personalized note cards specific to each person’s reading so they can record the messages they received from each card. I also offer free follow-up questions at any time via email.

★ Each person in the group will receive a certificate for $25 off their first one-on-one (1 hour) card reading, should they want to explore things further. This certificate is good towards one 60 minute Spirit Animal or Tarot card reading.

Upon request: I can provide a fold-out table and 2 chairs at no extra charge. Please indicate that on the request form below.

★ Once you submit the form below, I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours. This is an inquiry form only and your event date will not be officially booked & held until we both confirm the final details by telephone and payment is received. 



Groups & Special Events Request Form

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